Why is she flakey? Does she mean it when she says she likes me? Or am I being led on?

Okay so basically I've been talking with this girl and things are going great (we go to separate schools so we don't talk much in person.) but when we make plans to hang out like at her place or mine even or heck even to go see a movie she cancels the night before we are supposed to go and usually blames her mom being the reason why... it's happened 2 times now she says she likes me and I like her and she's OBVIOUSLY flirting with me over text and on the phone! So my questions in conclusion are 1. Why is she being so flakey? 2. Does she actually like me? 3. Is it an excuse or is her mom really the reason why? 4. Could she be leading me on (Yes I've seen her in person we volunteer with the same organizations but she hasn't been helping lately and we haven't really done much outside of hanging out while volunteering.) (Both 17)


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  • Maybe she hasn't made up her mind yet, that's why she is being flakey. You can try asking her out one more time. If she cancels on you one more time, feel free to move on.

    • But I feel that it's up to her would I look desperate if I asked her out again or do I just wait for her to bring it up again?

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