Do I have a chance with him?

This guy is in one of my classes and I have a crush on him. We aren't friends and we did work together in partners and talked once or twice. I have noticed that he looks at me not too often but he looks at me from time to time. When I look at him he look away. Oh right he sits next to me. One day his friend was asking me questions about the project and at first A wasn't doing anything (lets just call him A) and then when his friend asked the second time he shushed his friend and they were talking. I didn't quite hear them but heard, "then just don't look at her" I got pretty concerned. Does he think I'm too ugly to look at? I would not call myself ugly. I look decent and my friends said I was pretty. Do I have a chance with him? Even only for friendship?


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  • No baby.. the guy likes you and is shy to talk to you.. if you are okay.. kindly go and ask him casually.. it's not important who makes the first move.. what important is.. where do you end up !! 😎 All d best girl.. hv some courage and ask him out on a coffee someday.. but first.. get in touch with him

  • he might be distracted by you, which could go both ways, honestly I wouldn't worry about it too much you've got time


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