If someone you liked gave you a high five would you think that they had freindzoned you?

I was talking with a girl about breaking the touch barrier with her crush. I suggested that after a final she be excited about passing and break the touch barrier with a highfive. She said that she thinks he would take that as her freindzoning him. What you you all think?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends if they show other signs of attraction. My one friend Jason high fives me but doesn't show any other signs of attraction so Ik it's just friendship. My other friend Jacob high fives me but also talks to me and tries to impress me and when he says something he looks back towards me to see my reaction and he compliments me sometimes. That's how Ik he likes me. It just depends on how many signs of attraction they show.


Most Helpful Guy

  • >> She said that she thinks he would take that as her freindzoning him.

    Weird line of thought. I think some of the girls high-fived me before I ended up dating with them.

    I think my wife even high-fived me before I started dating her. Actually pretty sure my wife high-fived me at least one, since she loves to give people high-fives.


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  • We don't do that in France and if a guy was doing this to me I would think he just see me like a dude.

    • Lol yeah I'm pretty sure you peeps would think that. What would you suggest to my shy female friend on how to break the touch barrier?

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    • Yup if I was to kiss her here. That would definitly give her the wrong idea. also she is way to shy to even consider kissing the guy she likes. I accidentally asked her one day how she feels when she squeezes her breasts up against a guy to hug him and her smile disappeared when she realized that happens without her thinking about it.

    • I can understand, that's pretty embarrassing.

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