How the heck do I win at Tinder?

I've had the app for a few months, met one person through it that I'm now friends with, and only get the occasional match. I'm not sure if this is a me thing, or an every girl thing, but I cannot for the life of me coax a message out of my matches. Whether I talk first or not, whether I leave it alone or send the occasional bump message, I don't know. How am I meant to penetrate the enigma that is 22-29 year old men on this thing?

I'm starting to think the fact that I'm fat af is the real issue they have, like they just swipe on my first picture without reading my bio, where I actually admit-
Ohh... I just answered that part myself. But the rest, still; HOW?


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What Guys Said 1

  • OK your all over the place, what are you wondering? Are you asking how to get more men to respond to you?

    • Pretty much, yeah. It's mainly that after we match, they're silent. Like... is that just what guys tend to do on there?

    • well like you said in you question, a lot of guys will swipe yes on all girls and then the ones that match with them they look at their pictures and profile. It could also be that girls 99% of the time don't message first, so if you do then they might think your a fake profile.

What Girls Said 2

  • I'm hella confused but why would you want to win at tinder? Win at something else like, I don't know a spelling B or something. Have a bet with a friend who can become a world class MMA fighter or Surgeon first, no need to win at Tinder.

    • Dude I know, but the sexual frustration and need for validation outside of meme pages gets real sometimes

  • Post a beautiful photo.. men would click on you i bet..

    • I've got my "best" photos up there at the moment XD that's most likely my problem

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