How come I have found ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on this girl?

There is this girl I really like who disabled her dating profile.

I have very, very strict criteria of what I want in a woman, and she met that criteria.

Anyways, I feel I have exhausted all avenues in trying to locate more info on her.

1. I tried reverse image searching all 3 of her images. That yielded NOTHING.

Her username was AllieBridget. She said she went by "Allie". She lives in New Port, Florida and she told me she went to Florida State College in Venice, FL.

2. I searched Facebook for "Allie New Port, FL"; "Allie Bridget New Port, FL"; "Allie Florida State College"; "Allie Venice, FL"; "Allie Bridget Venice, FL"... I was unable to find any Facebook Profile on her.
3. I searched all the terms above on Google. Didn't find anything.
4. I used people searches for "Allie Bridget" and even just "Bridget" in New Port, FL and Venice, FL... NOTHING.
5. I looked at the college to see if I could find a student directory. They did not have one. I called the college and they wouldn't disclose whether or not a student attends their college. However, per FERPA law, a college CAN legally disclose directory info. They still won't do it.

The only option that might work is to see if I can find someone who has special access to NCIC. Other than that, I cannot think of anyone else. What can you guys think of?
Anyone lse?
Does anyone else have a clue what I can do next?


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  • She is either a very smart person or she is a catfish -and smart too-.
    Also, you sound terribly obsessed with her, that's not even healthy.

  • Stalker creep.


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    • How do you know?

      She is 19 and she told me she does not know what she wants to major in yet. I am assuming she is just a gen ed student.

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    • No. That woman in that link went to Florida State University, not Florida State COLLEGE. There is a difference.

    • Florida State, that is all that matters.

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