How do I meet someone who only focuses on me?

Dating is not fun for me anymore. I keep meeting emotionally unavailable guys or some who just don't want relationships, they want every girl they can have. It's really annoying. The guy I'm seeing now told me he's surprised I'm not in a relationship and he likes me but doesn't want to date me himself? I did like this guy but since I realized I'm not the only girl he's seeing I'm only seeing him until I get bored or I meet someone else. I've tried older men but they only wanted sex in the end. And I'm the type of person who only messes with one guy at one time because (1) I'm afraid of being seen as a whore for dating multiple guys and (2) that shit gets confusing anyway.

How do I meet a guy who doesn't have some lame excuse for why he doesn't want to date one girl, or doesn't want a relationship period?


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  • I feel the same way that you do at this time. I find that a lot of guys just want to "chill" or they aren't looking for a relationship more a friendship more of a sex buddy they can drink and smoke with. So here is what I have done to avoid dating guys like that. I have a phone conversation before meeting them, I no longer am quick to waste my time in rushing to meet up with a guy so quickly like I use to. It avoids wasting my time. If I do not click with a guy via over the phone then more than likely we will not click in person also it shows me is he is a good communicator or not. Secondly, when you meet guys online usually men intentions of what they are looking for is true. If his profile says "not seeking a relationship" then let him be unless he approaches you or shows interest. You do not want to be in a situation where you can think that you can change a guys mind. Thats to much pressure on you. Dating is like this, its not always that you will click with someone so quickly and that will be the one you will end up with. You have to not be hard on yourself and be prepared mentally for what is to come. This is something that I had to learn when it comes to dating and relationships.

    • I am really bad at texting. any advice for my kind since I rather be comfortable with 1 woman than seek for more

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  • is there something wrong with you?

    • There's nothing wrong with me. Dating just sucks.

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    • We don't have to spend money, I just want someone who only wants me. That's all.

    • so now that I read the question. you're not desperately asking for someone to worship you. you just don't like the fact that your dates didn't went the way you wanted?

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