Why can't I not hurt someone's feelings?

I just cannot do it, i have two annoying clingy friends who i dont even want to be friends with but i can't hurt their feelings by just saying back off, i just can't do it, im not scared of fighting, but i HATE hhurting other peoples feelings i have this hugeeeeee responsiblity to take care of others and i hate feeling guilty.


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What Guys Said 2

  • you have to take a stand or they will get to become casual with you... which you won't be liking it either

    • i know but i Always worry if someone is feeling right after i hurt them or if they are ok

  • trust me í am also like you...
    just because you are nice.. and
    good teaching...
    but people still get hurted...


What Girls Said 1

  • I hope you're not really 36-45, because that would be odd.
    What do you mean you just cannot do it?
    If you can't stand someone, you need to tell them the truth. I mean, don't actually tell them directly that you cannot stand them, since that would be rude, but you can feel free to tell them that you don't feel like you're compatible to them friendship-wise. Either that, or tell them in an indirect way that you dislike it when people get overly clingy.


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