Girls, how would she feel about this? And what should I do next?

First, a bit of backstory and context- last week, I asked this girl out, after we'd been in touch with each other for the past month or so on an online dating site. Met up with her for the first time, and took her on a first date- nothing too big, just taking her to this classy cafe in the middle of this picturesque park in Central London, ordering some coffee and a few pastries for the both of us while we chilled out and chatted, getting to know each other a bit better. She's very sexy though, and it didn't take a lot (dipping the scone I'd bought for her into the thick clotted cream that came with it, licking it off, half-closing her eyes and making "Mmmnh" noises as she did so) for my pants to start feeling uncomfortably tight. But I tried to ignore it, keeping my attention and my hands elsewhere.

Towards the end, I got up to clear the dirty cups and dishes from our table, to open up some elbow room and make some space. When I sat back down though, after being away for only ten seconds at most, she suddenly became a lot more shy, quiet and bashful. I tried to reach out and put my hand on hers, and she pulled back, looked away and blushed about it. She wouldn't look me in the eyes properly after that, and I didn't want to push too hard, so when she said that she needed to get going around five minutes or ten minutes later, so I didn't try to talk her out of leaving or pressure her into staying; just thanked her for coming and let her go on her way with a "see you soon".

Didn't have a clue where it went wrong- until I went to visit the restroom before leaving the cafe and heading back home myself, and looked in the mirror to find that my cock had poked the top of its head out of my boxer shorts and jeans. It had been even harder, and would've been standing taller when I stood up at the table; I must've exposed myself to her without even realising it. Girls, what would you think if you'd been in her shoes? And how would it change the way you viewed the guy?


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  • I honestly would have just told you then we laugh about it later.. I dunno why she was acting all weird about it.. girls are strange haha


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