Why would a guy say "I love you" if he didn't mean it?

So I started talking to this guy and we wanted to take things slow because he just got out of a serious relationship, but things are moving seriously fast. Especially on my part because I'm developing serious feeling and I can't help myself. Yesterday my guy was lagging for 2 hours at a time and I felt like he lost interest in me and was trying to slowly "ghost" me. I sent him a text saying "goodnight." To which he replied "sorry for lagging I was helping my dad the whole day and I got locked out of my car. I'll make it up to you. I love you my princess<3." When i told him to call me and explain, he basically said that he thought I was mad at him and he was just saying "I love you" to either grab my attention or make me feel better. We talked it through and he even slept on FaceTime with me even if he had work early in the morning so I know he's still interested in me other than sex, but Why would a guy say "I love you" to make a girl feel better? If anything, it made me feel worse because now I know he didn't mean it.


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  • He's just a bad person :(


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