Are suites more attractive?

im 22 and my dad has a company witch im part of (working in the workshop 12 h a day as an engineer ) i do go to meetings and wear suits but my friends are still at school and only wear a suite if someone dies or gets married so when i go out i wear a sweater and jeans
so girls what do you prefer a suite or a sweater?
i do like wearing a sweater its just that because i always drink old scotch instead of beer they laugh at me that im out to get milfs aaand im not :D


Most Helpful Girl

  • I only like a guy in a suit if he looks a little dishevelled in appearance. Rugged looking.. shirt tail hanging out , tie untidy etc. A clean , but unkempt appearance looks hot lol


What Girls Said 2

  • Age and situational appropriate clothing is best. Wearing a suit to a BBQ is like stupid.

    But suits are nice :)

    • I am always the one who grills at the BBQ so a suite with a apron is the kind of photo that goes around on Facebook :D

  • "suites" are attractive when you know how to spell it first

    • i am dutch so there are gonna be some mistakes in my English grammar
      but each day i am improving thanks to people like you :D

    • good to hear!

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