Be brutally honest what do I do?

My long term (3 years) boyfriend (both 21) did not invite me to his formal AT ALL. Tickets have been paid for he's booked a hotel room with another guy who doesn't have a date all before i found out about the date of his formal. Every guy brings a girl. How odd is it going to be when everyone knows my boyfriend is dating me and went alone? I basically invited myself last year and here I am against invited. I asked and confessed I wanted to go but still wasn't invited. I know I can't do anymore then what I did and I need to get over it but it makes no sense why. So is he not going to be bring me to weddings as a plus one, or to other public functions? How can I find out if he's embarrassed with me? We aren't currently talking because i'm very heart broken, I don't have the best self-esteem and this just makes it even harder for me. I figured it was just common sense that if I kept that weekend free I could go, i saw a dress I wanted and all. I never go out, we are semi long distance so I was looking forward to a fun night and overall just being with him. I'm so hurt but especially that he still asked me to go (i'm sure he can still buy a ticket its not for 2 weeks and its a small event). How do I get over all of this please help


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  • break it off with him honestly. i
    think he wants other girls to think he is single. does he show you off on social media?

    • but the thing is it will be even girls and guys so all his friends will have a girl. you only get one plus one and i know for a fact he's going alone. he does on social media and he's very shy so i doubt he's cheating

  • Going to his formal, renting out a room with his 'friend'.
    He is gay, my dude.

  • He wants to meet other girls


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