Guys, Is there a chance that I could see him again, if I give him time? I need some genuine advice?

This guy and I we're involved for 8 months and we lived in different states. It was a pretty hectic rollercoaster but we did connect, and we shared a lot with each other. I never gave him space though, I was clingy, probably because he was the first man I ever had sex with. He also recently found out that I struggle with bipolar illness, which I guess he couldn't handle. A couple of days ago we talked on the phone and he said he cannot handle me anymore and that he's done and that we should go our separate ways. I said that's not what you said last week, and hung up the phone on him. I then went on to say that he's a piece of shit, that his existence disgusts me and that I regret everything I ever did with him. I felt extremely horrible about what I said and I texted him today saying how sorry I am. I thought he wouldn't reply but he did, and he said this "I understand its fine don't worry about it. I wish the conversation could have gone better but emotions were running high and it was bound to happen. I think you are a very different individual from most and I appreciate the fact that I got to meet you and interact with you." I then said "I hope that someday I do get to see you again, when I'm in new York, until then, I wish you the best Donny. And he said "and I you Natalie". Does it sounds like he cares about me? He recently moved back in with his parents who he does not get along with and I think I just added so much stress. I'll be going to new York in the beginning of May to visit my brother, and I would like to meet up with him. Should I message him next month for his birthday and talk to him then? We literally talked almost everyday, so a month or so would do some good. I would like to see him again because we were extremely sexually attracted to one another, and living so far and having so many issues. It just all turned out horribly. I think I was just too clingy, and our relationship was mainly based on sex and heart wrenching talks.


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  • If you want my honest opinion: those texts he sent after you blew up on him were him parting ways/ending it with you nice and gently, and properly. He used to care, but not so much now. You should give it a try anyways though because you never know unless you try. Long distance sucks but you guys are sexually attracted to each other. You can ease down on the clinginess and you being bipolar on top of him living with his parents who he doesn't get a long with, and other issues you two have, isn't helping him. He has a lot to process. I get the feeling that sometimes he just wants to say, "fuck it." He remembers everything and so do you. You both won't forget what happened. You should do what you planned and message him. If he responds back, good. If he doesn't, then you'll know why.


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