How do you know if a guy likes you?

I kinda really like this guy in my 4th block class,
and I'm really curious as to if he possibly likes me

Not by asking
I'm too shy for that


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  • Talk to him. It's ok to be shy, but I wanna bring out the swag in you, so tell yourself about how powerful you truly are, talk to him more to see how easy he makes it to talk to him. And if he blows you off, you are entitled to someone better than him since you are a valuable human being. Go kick ass girl (;

    • alright,
      How do I know if he ""blows me off""? xD
      I'm sorry, I'm very inexperienced

    • If he's acting uninterested or responding lazily to you that's a sign he's not super into talking to you. But if seems you don't have evidence to believe that's the case, you're just nervous it might be. Face your fears and no your worth. And don't be sorry, this is what friends are for :)

    • thank you cx
      you're a big help

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  • You can tell by the way he acts around you. You can tell if he teases you, compliments you, if he talks about you to other people, if he touches you a lot etc.


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  • Can you describe some interactions with him?

    • 1- while I was wanting to talk to our teacher
      (he was getting help from her on a drawing)
      our teacher was showing him somethings and was asking if he understood and what not
      he would say yes
      but look at me and like make faces and shake his head and stuff
      (the teacher didn't see)
      and I would try not to laugh
      and hed stop (and smile i think? I don't remember) for a bit and watch what the teacher was doing

      2- he's told me to stop being shy around him
      (like I try not to get in people's way and stuff
      and I'm kinda shy)

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    • U should

    • at least get to know him better

  • One of the easiest markers is if you ever catch him looking at you 😉

  • You ask.

  • Does he stare at you when he thinks you aren't looking


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