Are all the good ones taken?

So for the longest time I've been on and off on being interested in girls throughout high school, I'll find someone that I think is attractive, seems nice and try to get to know her but then I find out they aren't really the nicest person and I don't have interest in them anymore. Then I'll find someone really damn cool makes fits my interests but has a boyfriend so it's like wtf, then there are all these pretty girls that all have no boyfriends but are obviously out of my league, and I just got this new job and find this amazing girl that I'm totally interested in but has a boyfriend, so now I'm convinced that "all the good ones are taken"or however you would say it and I'm just so lost, I want someone but where are they...


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  • Yes, EVERY single good woman in the world is taken.


What Guys Said 1

  • Bro I'm in Illinois and I just came to the conclusion to fuck chicks until you get that one that turns your gears but in a weird good way


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