Recovering a relationship after I cheated?

I need like some good advice here guys. It's weird that I can figure out everyone else's problems but mine๐Ÿ™„. Well I been dating this girl for three years, and one time over the five months we dated I cheated. Ever since then I always think to myself she is going to get me back. I keep running and running her away by being that guy. The guy that is just always on their girl and make them actually go cheat because I'm so on their backs.๐Ÿ˜•. She's always asking me to do things I say no. She asks me to workout i say no. I love her so much that its actually destroying my relationship. I always keep back up girls as well because I'm to scared that she would leave and I would lose my mojo. I really need your help ladies and guys help!!!


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  • " I always keep back up girls as well "
    You haven't learned from your mistakes. You need to stop being in a relationship with her. She needs to be with someone who respects her and you don't seem to be the right kind of person for that.

    • We both treat each other like crap and it's so toxic, but I have what a lot guys don't and that's the ability to make quick changes to better my situation.

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