Stages in a relationship?

What stages did your relationship with your SO go through? What are the main stages of an average relationship?


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  • Year one: Honeymoon phase; little to no fighting and a lot of fun times.
    Year two: nagging and more disagreements. Still had some good times, but felt like we spent more time arguing. Took a few breaks during this time too.
    Year three: we felt like we had been together longer than we actually have been. Feels more like I'm spending time with my best friend than really someone I'm dating. Still argue but it's not really over little petty things like it was before. It's more serious.
    Year four: we started considering our future together. We got married, moved in together, pay bills, all that good stuff. It's still the same as what it was in year three. Just add in the adult stuff!

    I'm only 19. We've been together since I was 15, he was 17! We've been through hell and back, but we both knew what we wanted and that it was to be together. You will go through rough patches in every stage, but if you really love someone you'll work through those things!

    • And again, every relationship is different! However, be with someone who makes you happy and accepts you for who you are.

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  • Talking/friends, dating, official bf/gf, living together, engaged, married. I'm getting married this year, that's basically how it went with my SO. We rarely fight or argue, if we have any disagreements we sit down and talk about it calmly. Every relationship is different though

  • It's always great at first and romantic then it's like your best friends and romance in between and arguing lol

  • The single life, is the best life. 😎


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