Should I be worried about this guy's statement?

So I've been talking to this guy for four months. He wanted to be in a relationship after like four weeks, and I told him I was not ready due to inexperience, school, and my mom. We've hanged out a couple times so far. He forced me to kiss him, and I told him I was uncomfortable so we haven't kissed in about three weeks. I told him I wanted to be friends due to some red flags and he said okay. But today, he was saying how I was the "queen" of kisses and he wants to kiss me. When I told him I was unsure about that, he was like, "if you don't believe me. then you should go and find out" What the heck. When I told him what he meant, he was like, nah I would be real upset if you kissed other guys. So... I don't know. Red flag?


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  • Red flag, dump him. It sounds like he's controlling. If he's trying to force you to do things you're not comfortable with yet, then definitely stay clear. In a relationship or dating, you can't force things to happen; you have to let happen.

    • Yeah. And what's weird is how I told him I've already felt uncomfortable with the kissing. So I don't even know why he's bringing it up again.

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    • Is it okay if I can message you?

    • Yeah, it's ok

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  • yes, red flag!


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