Does anyone else think Terry Farrell is fineeeee?

And she's divorced now too. I need to meet her. I'd put my symbiote in her any day...


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  • I don't even know who that is. ;_;


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  • I'm a big Star Trek fan and I never could stand her acting. It was just horrible... Maybe sci-fi just wasn't her thing.

    • Really. Why?

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    • I rejected it because it was Space Opera rather than straight sci-fi. To me, sci-fi is about using a futuristic setting to ask questions that are harder to ask within the limits of the present day world. It's not about being in space and shooting lasers and that's why Star Wars is not sci-fi. Star Wars is "Pigs in Space". But I came to appreciate Deep Space Nine and even love the romantic view of the universe that the ending held.

      When I think of the bad acting scenes, I think of a couple season 6 scenes where she's on the bridge during a battle and another one when she gives a speech to the troops afterwards. Yikes...

    • Was that the planet they were on the ground fighting or whatever the whole episode?

      And it asks questions about war...

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