I don't want kids anymore?

I always wanted a couple of Anon Juniors running around... At least someday...

Kids to love, teach, help make the world a better place, smart.

I'm starting to change my mind though...

I see so many out of control kids, and this world is not a good place anymore...

I didn't have good parent's growing up, so what do I know about raising kid?

I will probably fail them, like my parents did to me...

I would never want that, So I don't think I want kids anymore...

Side note:

I don't think that matters anyhow, I have never been with a girl in my life, so maybe that's natural selection at work so my genes will die because they are weak?


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  • If your mind happens to change because you realise you are better off, then it's ok. Sometimes we feel like years ago it's what you wanted, but now you feel like you don't want to have a child for those reasons.

    Who knows, maybe you'll change your mind again, when you find a girl that you want to be with


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  • not a stange feeling, many people don't want children like me. i think you are just having panic attack and would be great dad

  • Get a puppy instead.


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