Why is he quiet when I flirt with him?

We have known each other for 5 months now, we talk everyday both at work and in text. He has showed every sign he liked me since the day we first met. We have been out together twice and seen a movie at my place and madeout. When it was barely the second month I tied to flirt in text a little and he stayed quiet and didn't respond all day. Next day he talked to me fine and was nice like nothing. Gradually now he flirts. Especially since this month started he started flirting in text a lot. I realized he doesn't flirt in person. He has only winked twice in person. Once after I sent a pic he wrote a lot of flirty emojis even the tounge one. Recently when he sent a flirty pic giving an endearing look, I he sent a lot of flirty emojis including the tounge one, he saw it and stated quiet. Did I do something wrong, I'll stop flirting because I'm confused. :/ I'm 19 he's 23.


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  • Maybe he's just a quiet guy


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