Confused about this guy!! pls help?

This guy is my friend for more than 1 year but we were never very close. However he often text me first, flirt with me, say good night to me every night even if we dont talk at all that day, stay up late to talk with me, wants to spend time alone with me (like watching movies and cuddling etc) but when I told him I kinda like him he said that maybe I can make him feel something, but now he doesn't feel much and he desnt know why. But he said we we will see after we spend more time together. by the way, we haven't seen each other for more than 6 months.. he just started texting me recently and doing all things from above. he really acts like he likes me but why he say he doesnt? im very confused!


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  • Since he's a guy friend that was never close to you AND you guys haven't seen each other in a long time, he can flirt with you and etc. You admit to liking him and he's still deciding whether he truly likes you or is just flirting or treating you as a friends with benefits because you guys don't see each other often and etc. He wants the physical contact and spending time together in person first before he decides if he truly likes you like that or not.

    • Well yes.. he said he is feelingless now and that friends with benefits is for those like him. He said his heart can't be repaired and that he is done with chemistry and going for physical things but I told him he shouldn't play with girl's feelings if he wants just 1 thing and he said isn't like that, but he is just afraid to fall in love again coz of past experiences..

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    • I think you are right! I really like your answer and you helped me the most. Thank you so much!

    • I try to see it from your perspective as well as his. That's all. Thank you! I'm glad I could help. You're very welcome. :)

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  • He likes you and has been flirting with you for awhilez but it seems it was only one sided for awhile. After some time his feelings started to go away, but then once you said you like him back that when he realized that his feelings for you are still there, they are just not as strong as they use to. With you two spending more time together through text and in person I am sure he will start to feel those feelings again.


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  • I imagine that he is not very into you, otherwise he wouldn't have told you "maybe you can make me feel something". If he liked you, it wouldn't have felt forced to be involved in something like that.

    • He told me he has been hurt by a girl in the past and since then he didn't felt something for someone.. He said he just doesn't like anyone but he would love to get a bite of feelings again, but he just can't do it alone..

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