Slow fade... have trip planned in two weeks together- how to ask what's up?


Have been dating this guy for 3 weeks met on bumble. First week and a half went on 6 dates... we have been on 12 dates total in 3 weeks... it has been intense. He was constantly- when can I see you again I want to see you etc for the first week and a half then we planned dates after that. In the first week and a half he invited me camping with his sister/her boyfriend.

Over these last threee weeks I met his friends, and some of his family and he met mine. We planned a trip together the end of the month.

Last week the texting slowed down a bit, but we went out Tuesday and again Friday. This past Friday I slept over and we slept together (we had previously had some hot and steamy make outs and other fooling around).

Saturday- one text, Sunday- one text, Monday- one text apologizing for being a ghost on Sunday, Tuesday- one text, Wednesday- one text telling me he is in a funk, everything is moving so fast and he can't catch his breath, he is trying to get stabilized. I responded, no return text. Today- no text.

I can accept the slow fade and that this is over, I could just let it be. However I have a plane ticket for him I booked with points for 2.5 weeks from now and would like to know if he is just busy or if he is slow fading me so I know to cancel his ticket and find another person to accompany on this trip.

I want to just wait til Monday and if this continues (9 days since we saw each other last) somehow ask "Are you still planning on going on our trip?" Or "I sense you are pulling away, if you are, please just let me know so I can make other arrangements for The trip".

if I didn't have plane tickets I would just wait this one out but I feel weird just assuming and canceling it without giving him an opportunity. .

I'll call Monday- and ask about the trip then voice to voice. Typically I call and he doesn't pick up or call back then texts the next day.


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  • Yes.. you should ask im straightaway if he stil wants to go on this trip. If he says Yes.. do nothing.. just go end enjoy the trip with him.. when you come back.. if things become normal.. ask him what really was on his mind before the trip!
    Tht way you will get your answers and would figure out how he is.. how he behaves at times.. that's it

  • Pick up the phone and talk to each other Tooooo much texting Jesus Christ


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  • you need cancel tickets and tell him buy his own tickets you are not married


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