Why is she avoiding my question?

There's a girl who im interested in, we've been out on 1 date which went well we've organised the day and place for the second date but she hasn't responded about what time to meet up even though we have continued talking about other things, I've had to ask her 3 times. What should I do? Why is she doing this? Did i stuff it up?


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  • Sounds like she is avoiding it. Does she constantly change the topic when you talk about the second date with her?

    • Ummm slightly, but i mentioned something about the date and she was enthusiastic to do it, but then soon after when i said what time she changed the topic to her food

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    • Maybe, do you think i should at least wait one more day to see if she replies to my final text asking what time?

    • You can if you want sure

  • Sounds like she's not down for the date at the moment. Maybe she wants chat a bit more before going on a date again, or maybe there's something about her look that isn't right and she's wainting for it to go away (pimples, period, anxiety) who knows ooooor she doesn't have money at the moment

    • Yeah maybe, but if that was the case why would she agree to the day?

    • Either she didn't know she was going to have a situation or she thought would be easier to agree with the date instead of answering "why, when, how?" if she declined.

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