Anxiety attack on "date"?

I've been seeing my longtime crush and had a couple of dates. It's been a weeklong "relationship". Lol. Thought we were hanging out alone yesterday, but there were a ton of other people in his apartment. Not a ton, but enough I didn't know very well.

I have social anxiety, and my medication and counseling have helped me go on dates with him and have tons of friends. But I started to have an anxiety attack and had to leave. I made an excuse after calling my friend, and the guy was so clueless. He wasn't upset I was leaving and said we'd meet up later. He also told me he'd call me over break.

When I left, I had a crying fit for two hours and couldn't stop yelling at myself. I want to be normal, but I can't. How do I handle meeting his friends again? Even though he didn't notice I was a little off, I know they did.


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  • I bet if you talk to him and tell him what's going on with you, he'll be understanding. Tell him exactly what you need from him when you are feeling like that and he can help you.


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