Does this guy just want to hookup?

this guy I met on tinder (I know tinder is primarily a hookup app, but I'm trying to find a guy that wants a relationship) seem nice. We have been texting lately. He has been asking me about myself somewhat. is that a good sign? Also when he text me he says "hey cutie" (is that a guy thing or is there anything suggesting he wants to hook up?) He has asked me to hang out with him but I've been busy.(I asked him if we can do something a different day and both times he said it was fine. should I take that as a good sign?) I don't know, I'm trying to figure out what this guys intentions are before I go on a date with him.


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  • Most probably he wants to hookup. You might talk him to say it directly or get him to know what he wants. I hope you are good at this😉

    • well he did ask me what i was looking for. "Something serious or?" I told him "something serious, no hookups." His response was "preferably friends but whatever happens." should I take that as a good sign or not?

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    • really? he means friends with benefits even after I said no hookups?

    • See girl it's tinder and he is just another guy. He will get you to say it's friendship and then try to woo. Then he will ask you to get into relationship and all then will come the sex part after which you'll notice a lot change in him. It will hurt you so prevent all the damage keep it simple and clean. Thats what I advice...

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