What Do I Say To Her?

My best friend and I have known each other since second grade. We are now high school Freshman almost Sophomores. Since late 7th grade until the summer before High School she had a boyfriend that her other friends and I absolutely hated because he was super rude to us and want us to stop talking to her. He also didn't want to let her go anywhere without him. She skipped out on my National Cheer leading competition that I worked my butt off to get into just because he couldn't get a ticket. When we told her about how he was to us she got really upset saying that we were all jealous and that it didn't matter because she was happy. They dated for over a year until summer of 2016 when she realized that she had lost all of her friends and almost lost me (I stopped contacting/talking) to her for like 2 months. She came to me very apologetic right before HS started and I forgave her. But now she likes another guy who is once again a total jerk to me. And to make it worst he's a junior which her mother has told her if she's talking to guy's more than a year older than her she going to get home schooled. So yesterday she completly ignored me for like over half of our lunch. When I asked where she was she looked me literally straight in my face with like this smug look and said she was with him. And started yelling at me saying I can't control her. So I left. So I don't know what to do our what I should say to her... Please Help Me..


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  • It sounds like she doesn't value your friendship enough, it's 'Chicks before dicks' or whatever the female version of 'bros before hoes' is. Sometimes friends grow apart, it happens in life.

    I also disagree with the other opinion poster, if your friends won't tell you when the guy you're dating or thinking of dating is a jerk, who will tell you? Just like, if your boyfriend was actually a jerk to your friends, wouldn't you want to know, because that means he's actually a jerk and just pretends to be nice when he's with you but shows his real colors to your friends?


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  • At the end of the day, this is your friend's relationship. I don't like it when my friends try to tell me what to do having to do with guys. Your best bet is to just stick by her, maybe talk to some other friends, but give her space to date who she wants. You can't control who she likes and who she wants to go out with. What if you liked someone but he just didn't get along with your friends? Some people just don't get along. So I suggest that you just leave your friend and her boyfriend be.

    • That's the thing he's not even her boyfriend. ATM she's talking to about 6 guys (1 freshman, 1 sophomore, 1 junior, and 3 seniors) . And she's being very hypocritical. She was being very rude to an old friend of ours who dated a junior but not she's trying to do the same.

    • Okay, well I don't really get how she could have feelings for 6 guys at once. I would suggest just go along with how she acts, don't talk much about them, change the topic on her. I find it weird how she likes 6 guys at once. It's also really shitty how she's being such a hypocrite. I've had some very hypocritical friends so I get what you're saying.

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