Is it bad that I keep getting beat up?

So i was walking home from school and 3 girls started beating me up because their boyfriends are liking what i post on instergram and broke up with them to date me.
But this is the 4th time this week that this has happen and i dont know what to do
so now i have a black eye, a fat lips and i dont know what to do
any ideas?

cause of boys


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  • =.=!
    Umm maybe stop trying to seduce guys?
    And try to be nice + look for serious relationships not flings and not 1 night stands

    • i am not and the stuff that i post is of animals and how is it my fault if boys want to date me?

    • I assumed u out pictures of ur fat lips and some =.=! Obvious wanna do that then call me pictures.

      Well then I have to move on to next assumption that u wear clothes that are over and not modest in anyway.

      There is a difference between guys want to date u or they are growing themselves at u leaving their GF's

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  • well you went out with the guy they just dated so girls are crazy mad about that. And if he is even worth of a guy have him to protect you. If not i would find some new friends and leave the guy

    • i did not know the boys or girls
      and anyone that is following my on instergram and soical media know that i am not going to date cause i dont want and there's a lot of reasons why i dont want to
      and i was not dating anyone and im not dating anyone right now

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    • i meant they want to date but i said no cause i dont want to date anyone

    • thats good be self independent. Forget those girls. if it becomes a real problem why dont u have anyone there to help you in these situations?

  • Not allowed to carry maze or stun gun? Walk home with some friends, or have the guys walk you home.

  • Fight back. File complaints. Anything that prevents you from getting a beat up. It's not your fault they like your post...

    • they think that

    • Let them think. You cannot change anyone's thinking. But you need to take actions against it. It cannot go on like this forever. Stand up for yourself...

  • call the cops

  • Whereabouts in the world do you live?


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