What should I do if my girlfriend wants to meet really badly but I can't get any time to see her because she lives far away and a few other things?

Basically, she lives on the opposite side of town and we've been talking to each other for half a year. We got into a relationship 2 months ago and like I've met her a few times but only for half an hour or an hour because it's really hard to see her as she lives far away.

From the time I've spent talking to her, I fell in love with her from the start. She's a really nice, genuine person who can be really loving and caring and then also be moody. I would do anything for this girl because she's worth it and I know I'll get the same thing back because she's crazy about me too.

Now my parents come into the picture. They're not really that strict about dating as long as my grades stay up (something that happens where I live) they know about her and they know that I talk to her. The problem is that my finals are happening. They started yesterday and will continue till the 31 of May with breaks in between. I can't really find any time to meet her right now and she's really pressing me to meet her soon. I've asked her to wait till the 31st so that we can have a nice time out without any problems, but lately she's getting really tired of waiting. She gets upset sometimes and I try to explain the situation to her but she doesn't want to hear it. I need some help. I want her to wait just a few months so that we can have great, quality time but it's been getting really hard to convince her. I can see that she's getting tired and I'm really worried about that because she really means a lot to me and I can't lose her. I'm just really confused about what I should do. Anything helpful will be greatly appreciated
I should probably explain how she expects more from me than I can actually give her right now, because of my current situation and I've talked with her a few times about this but she always keeps coming back to it.


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  • It doesn't seem like you can do much other than wait for summer. Perhaps you can talk for maybe 30 min to an hour or video chat for a bit a day to tide her over until finals are over?


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  • tell her to hop on a bus or get a ride over or split it off with her

    • What if her parents are really strict about dating and won't let her go out alone with a guy? Also she has her exams too so I don't really see a chance for us to meet

    • that sucks. she's just gonna have to deal with it until the summer

    • Yeah that's what I'm thinking too. I hope she does stay.. she means everything to me. Thanks for your help man ✌

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