I'm confused about dating... some things make me uncomfortable and I could use some advice... so tips?

Is it rude to not let a guy pay for you? Because it makes me feel terrible... I make more than most of the guys in my age group... and I don't like to feel like I owe anyone anything... and it makes the rest of the date awkward... so if it's rude, a how to deal mechanism would be great.
How do you deal with a guy who you can tell is attracted to you physically, and who you're attracted to physically but know nothing about? I always try to get to know them... but they seem more interested in having coitus... and leave when you dont put out... and i think it's wrong if you're not in a relationship. 1 month rule... so can sex ever lead to more? Or is it just a dead end road?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Be yourself so you can be with a guy who likes you as you are. If you don't want to split the check on the first date, that's fine. If the guy doesn't like it, then maybe he's not the guy for you. If you aren't comfortable having sex with guys you barely know, and the guy is more interested in sex than in getting to know you, then... he's not the guy for you.

    Having or not having sex is not what makes or breaks a relationship. But most relationships are pretty short. So if you have sex very soon, you will end up having sex in a lot of short-term relationships.

  • hey sometimes people don't bond for emotional need they bond for physical needs. you could just go with the flow and check if he feels the same. it might turn up different.


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  • When the check comes, take out your credit card to also put in, if he accepts it's okay. If he says, 'no I go this', do make an additional, 'are you sure? we could go dutch'. If he insists, then let him have his way, you made an effort, and for some men it is a matter of pride.


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