Honest Advice , what should I do with her , she never responds yet shows interest?

So I met this girl, we went on a date, it was a successful date you could say...

But then suddenly she just stopped responding to my texts on whatsapp and doesn't answer if I call her, she reads them and seems interested by them, I sent a lot of messages to her without a response and she still hasn't blocked me or showed any signs of annoyance, I'm thinking if she didn't like me I'd start to annoy her by now with the messages...

also, she goes offline when I do? So I write message at 21:45 she reads at 21:45 I go offline at 21:46 her last seen is 21:46...

It's a Very strange and confusing situation for me, I don't know wheather to keep doing what I'm doing or to stop messaging her entirely, sometimes I'm getting mad at her and sending a text asking why she never replies, this seems to captivate her, I want to be in relationship with her above all other girls, even if she is so confusing, I'd like her to respond and say something like, I'm free at this date let's meet up again, but it is not happening, why doesn't she just move on from someone she is not interested in?
Ok, so I'm going to take your opinion into consideration and just back off for a while,

My initial consideration was that she was playing hard to get, as it's what occurred in our initial stages of the relationship, and I didn't want to be some kind of lame guy who didn't show persistence and effort to court her.

Who knows what game she is playing but I guess if she doesn't communicate I'll never know, so until then I'm going to leave her alone.


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  • What makes you think she "seems interested" and "captivated" by your texts if she never responds?

    • Because, I can tell, she waits to read what I am writing ,

      I think wouldn't a women just get sick of it? Well she is not getting sick of it , i think if I did it to you would be clear and say to leave her alone, well she doesn't say that and plays a few games with me , for example I go offline 20.30Pm she goes offline 20.30Pm it's working abit like this

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    • So exactly how much "chasing" will you do before realizing she may NOT be interested? do you seriously need to wait for a bock or a restraining order? Imagine this, she ultimately blocks you and then you find another female to target and this one just so happens to be friends with your original focus. the two of them are chatting one day and your new target says to your old target, do you know Confusedguy? and target 1 says yes, OMG that guy never got the hint that I wasn't interested so I eventually had to block him, I'd stay away from that guy...

    • Ok , I have considered all of these ideas before, I tell you what I will do, I'll leave her for a while, and if she deems that I have given up on her, or didn't try hard enough then so be it. and if she decides after a while she's happy to talk to me then also so be it.

      Got to take risks.

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  • It doesn't seem confusing to me. She's ignoring your messages. Why would you imagine that she's interested? Ask another girl.

    • I'm not 'Imagining' - I gave you an example of her interest, Please consider that she is from a more conservative culture than Western, I understand that in the west it's typical for girls to pursue guys a little more.

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    • You've got every girl who responded telling you the same thing I did -- she's not interested. But you are sure somehow that everyone is wrong. In reality, it is you who are unable to accept that she has rejected you and move on. That is the very definition of a creepy guy.

    • I'm not the type of guy to quit after the first hurdle, if I lacked the self confidence to be persistant, I would have missed out on so many opportunities with women, your advice is the typical 'don't chase women' mentality , right... like women are going to chase guys... anyway your right about her not answering so I'm going to leave her for a while.

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  • If a girls interested... believe me you'd know haha

    • Hmm I'm not so sure, maybe for American and British women it's normal to be straightforward but she's from a more conservative culture where girls typically expect to be pursued, And not do the pursuing , suppose it would be hard to understand.

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    • I think you are misunderstanding the information you are getting about her online activity.

    • @slatyb Lol don't worry about it...

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