Funny question -Finding a girl at university?

Hey guys,
So i have to find a specific person (girl), at my university. I have no info on her, except how she looks and what bus she uses when she goes home (real home) for the weekend. In this crazy digital world, how can i find her, among 8000-9000 other students whom are girls.

any Creative ideas? i'm open for some crazy things coz i'm crazy myself.


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  • Walk up to her as she's waiting for the bus and talk to her?


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  • My advice.. Don't give too much damn about that one gal. There are plenty of gals all around us. Go get any.
    How to find that particular gal?
    Well, you must know at what time students come in. Stay at the entry during those times or just closely observe and watch each and every person coming in.
    It's too much work and not worth it acc 2 me.


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  • Go ask her name and for her number at the bus stop.

  • The bus man,
    Get that bus schedule and be there around the time she would take it.
    If you're crazy enough, go on the bus trip with her, bring some cards though.