He wants to take a step back until we are less busy, should I believe him or is he hiding something else?

I have been dating someone for a month from a dating app (its the first time i have used online dating). During this one month we saw each other about twice a week. Last time I saw him I went to his for a movie night and he finally kissed me for the first time and when i asked why he waited so long he said that i didn't seem like i wanted to. In any ways we had a good time, I stayed over but nothing more happened. After that day, he has been very quiet and too busy but he was busy before too and made time to at least message. When I asked him if everything was ok he said he was just busy and work is really bad and he tends to take everything else out of his mind. After he didn't message for four days i told him he could have at least said he was done and he replied that he didn't see us as done but thinks it will be best to take a step back for a month or so till he sorts out his work and I finish with my uni. I told him i dont think cutting communication will be good and we agreed to meet and talk in a few days but i am not sure if he is honest and has a hard time dealing with stress and juggling things as he says. I think he might have someone else too and is waiting to see how it goes with that person. He really seemed very interested and communicated all the time before, and he honestly seemed very genuine, and now can't even write one line but still keeps me hanging and I am not sure if I should believe him although i wouldn't agree to not communicating but just waiting , or maybe I should just walk away from this.


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  • It is possible that he is very inexperienced and fears that he will be embarrassed if you develop a relationship to the point that he must confess that he is a virgin. Do you see that as a possibility? It would explain him taking so long to kiss you.

    • I dont think that is the case. We haven't really talked about our previous relationships but he has mentioned about a girlfriend he has had that was ready for marriage and stuff before but he knows thats not what i want. And i think he has mentioned another ex too

    • What is your best guess about what is going on with him?

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  • I think he wants to explore his options :(


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