How to find a committed and honest girl to date?

I really want a girlfriend that is honest and committed to a long term relationship and doesn't play games with me. I'm tired of paying money for dating sites and other singles events bullcrap. Where do I look for these types of women? I feel like they don't exist. :(


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  • I think you should stop looking and maybe then you'll find someone. I found my boyfriend of 4.5 years by not looking for a relationship and it happened before i knew it.

    • So a girl will just magically appear if I stop looking?

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    • You're still young so if I were you I wouldn't try to rush things because rushing is a good way to regret things. Just take it slow and try not to worry about never finding someone. You'll find someone eventually :)

    • And your 23. I'm still young? Ha!

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