Am I being too fast?

So I met this guy in college and we always had mini convos after class and kind of stare at each other a lot during class but when the semester was over and he graduated we didn't talk much anymore which was fine bc we didn't really talk talk if you know what I mean. So like 3 months later he follows me on Instagram and I follow him back and I started DMing him and I never do that with guys bc I usually expect guys to write me (sometimes unnecessary bs) and we would talk for hours and laugh and stuff but we never got around to asking each other if we like each other so 3 weeks later I wrote him again and we just talked about family, school, relationships and personal stuff and still nothing. He'll like every one of my pics, flirt with me, and ask me questions about life and get personal but never initiate the conversation first. Every time we talk (which has only been like 3 long convos so far) I have always written him first and I don't do that because i guess I'm just old school and I expect the guy too chase. Am I being too fast? I'm feeling him a lot and I think he feeling me but he doesn't act on it and it's actually pissing me off lol. Also, were both from the same city so we know some of the same people... It's perfect damet !!! Lmao


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  • hahah well test him to see if he enjoys your company stop texting him for a few days if he has interest in you she should contact you first. that isn't old school most guys do that

    • Yeah well we talked that first time in September up until December of last year. I stopped writing him but he likes every one of my pics but never writes me. Then my bday was the Jan 19, he posts on my fb in big caps happy birthday baby girl for the whole freaking world to see but still no text. I just wrote him last week and we did same the shit again. I'm through with it he's confusing the fuck out of me. If you feeling me let me if know if you not just stop interacting in social media with me altogether.

    • i gotcha, I understand I believe you have the right to leave him as a option. people might defend him if he's shy but its the 21st century if he likes you he needs to show your worth meaning give his time to you not thr other way around

    • Thank you ! See that's what I'm saying lol. I hate playing games, energy doesn't lie.

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  • Maybe he's shy or something and that's why he never initiate the conversation or maybe he doesn't know if you want to talk so he doesn't want to bother you. You can ask him if he likes talking to you so you'll know for sure

    • I have too much pride to ask him if he likes me I can't do that. Lol!!

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    • Second semester. Like spring (4 classes), fall (4 classes).. In groups like seasons

    • Oh okay sounds complicated anyways good luck

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