What are your experiences using Tinder?

  • I used it once or twice but found it boring so I uninstalled it
  • I matched and talked with people but didn't go out of my way to meet them in real life
  • I met with a few people but it didn't go any further than that
  • I use it only for one night stands
  • I am currently in a relationship with someone I met off Tinder
  • I use Tinder only to find a serious relationship
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  • I had a friend who had a lot of sex because of it. He was always hanging out with girls. So I got on. I matched more than I thought I would, had my fun, meet a cool girl. Then when I went back to use it again, I haven't gotten a match since. Literally none.

    Shit's messed up. Used to be a great app to look for one night stands. And I ended up meeting a really cool girl on there. We lasted almost 3 years

    • Did you do anything different to cause this change? Maybe a profile pic

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    • I wish guys could easily tell why the seemingly random likes and dis interest happen but it's sooo haaarrd

    • @xxAjjxx Honestly I think the app jsut stopped showing my profile to people. Probably cuz it's old. When I go out I get looks, If I approach girls, they usually talk to me for as long as I can hold a conversation. If I go to a party there seems to be at least one chick whos into me.

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  • I gave up using Tinder because almost all people there are only looking for sex


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  • I got a decent amount of matches, but talked to almost no one.. Only a few.. And I definitely didn't meet anybody.. Although one time I did plan on meeting one girl, but she just stopped talkin to me.. And I mostly got matched by "Black" women which isn't a problem itself.. It's just that I would have liked a chance with women of other groups too.. Which apparently in Chicago it's not too possible..

  • got very little response, and even less that wasn't a scam and even less that I was actually interested in.
    never actually met up with anyone from there.
    maybe it's me? I don't know

  • My fiend uses it and he likes it

  • I downloaded and deleted it a few hours later. WAY too many bots and fake people.


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