Do you believe in dating over social media?


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  • Yep. Dating is just getting to know someone. But voice chatting is better for that than typing.

  • noooo


What Girls Said 1

  • No! Absolutely. I prefer the old fashioned way... meeting them first in person like getting to know them that way. Because since u lack in confidence of talking to people... i prefer meeting face to face. And thats how i met my boyfriend i met him through my best friend haha. We all hung out and then it got more frequent. Haha

    • If its over social media... yea i guess i dont mind SHARING my relationship with my boyfriend over social media. But risky things can happen if ur DATING over social media because they could be lying, they could be older, they could be younger, or a dangerous person. Who knows... also from a different country.. you DO NOT want long distance that is just horrible i dont think i could handle that.

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    • Can I message you?

    • Sure! Haha.

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