So if you have stumbled upon my past questions regarding flirting/dating im shy and lack confidence when it comes to girls.. so here i am again seeking advice... the girl i happen to be interested in now has gone from eye contact to me starting basic conversation... now i can speak to her w/o some fear... she has called me hun a few times and the other day i called her sweetie w/o fear and hesitation and i think she didn't mind as she moved her strand of hair in place above her ear and her talking to me as i left... my instincs are telling me its ok to ask her for coffee... is this logical and should i go for it? because whats going to happen like it always happen with any girl that i ask... if she says no is that i will completly avoid all futher interation at all costs like one would do the plague...

in past posts on this site i was advised to look into mating intelligence and now that i have looked into it i have a lot of work to do because i guess im at the level of a preschooler... lol... i have tho looked into and waiting to recive a book on the subject so that i can become better at this subject of the human plight.. im very intelligent person but not in mating intelligence area... the price one must pay... thanks for the advice it is well appreciated!!!


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