Does eh like me?

so my crush was talking in our friend group and I went down there to talk to them and we were wearing uniforms and everything well he was looking at me and when I was looking away and I lookeds back at him he was looking at me and then he walked away anyway this guy kept poking me and I jokingly said stop poking me and then the guy pocked me on my leg and I looked back at him and we smiled. he said something about my legs and when I asked him what he said he said nevermind lol and then I was talking about a handshake and he started saying he learned a handshake out of the blue lol idek anyway I sat down next to him and I sat an his elbow by accident and he was like your laying on my elbow and I said lol I'm sorry and then they were talking about race and when they got to me he was like yay sh'e latino lol anyway I layed my head on him and I said is this awkward and he said something like ehh and then I said now is it and he said no not really? does he like me?


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  • Well.. i think he likes you.. but not that much.. he may like to hangout with you aming group but seeing he is more conscious about your touching and all.. i don't think he is too much into you... try and analyze if he wants to date you... But be careful.. as this could backfire and you may hurt yourself.. Good luck


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, I think that guy is attracted to you.

    • so how can I get him to like me on a deeper level like how do I talk to him one on one b/c were allways in a group and they would follow us around

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