He says he misses me?

I met this guy about.. awhile ago let's say.
We met at a Wild West dancing where a lot of people go to do Country line/couple dances. He came up to me and asked me to dance.
Anyways, after a while we gotten to know eachother and I asked for his snap and we snapped for a while. He's in college so we snapped even tho he went home for his break. I haven't seen him since before Christmas in Dec. he said he would like to take me out and all this sweet stuff but he never did it. He said he was falling for me, and head over heels for me. He also said he told his family about me. So he comes back from break and the communication goes down to zero. He said he was busy and I understood that. Then after two weeks w/o commutation he snaps me. I was surprised, then he said he was going through a hard time because his grandparents died. then he quit messaging me again. Then yesterday he snaps me again, and he said he missed me. So I asked him about how he was doing. What do I do? Do you think he still is interested?


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What Guys Said 1

  • For the most part: I don't think he's interested or he's interested, but hardly. His actions speaks louder than words. What you should do is just keep doing what you're doing until he actually shows that he's seriously interested in you.

    • Interesting, but I'm confused as to why he leaves then comes back and talks to me?

    • He needs someone when he gets lonely, and you're that someone to him.

    • Oh okay, thank you. Yes I do have time.

What Girls Said 1

  • He is probably being honest, however it's only up to you if you're willing to wait till he sort outs his issues or not. I am not sure if I'd be patient enough for that

    • I'm willing to wait, but at the same time, I'm going to keep my options open.

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