Help with college dating?

Okay so I met this guy on tinder and we talked for a few days before figuring out we have the same class at college (it's a large lecture hall) when we met up on campus, he drove us to the movie theatre and payed for our date and everything the whole thing went well with jokes and no awkward silences and we stayed out really late at night and only decided to leave on my account. He hugged me goodbye and texted me right after Saying how great of a time he had. We now sit together every class and he walks me to my next class but there's little to no texting involved in this situation only if I iniciate it. He's always the one who comes over and sits with me due to me being in the class first so I feel like if he didn't want to talk to me he wouldn't, the class being large enough to easily ignore each other. Whenever we're walking to other classes together the conversation is still never awkward and he's always like I'll text you later and see you late but doesn't but I'm so confused if he just wants to be friends or just doesn't really think anything of this situation? Whenever I text him he never seems annoyed and genuinely wants to talk to me. Help


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  • I've been there.
    One time i approached this girl i used to see every single day in the library and we started dating.
    It's simple: if you're seeing that person everyday for a big amount of time, there is no point in texting to hard, honestly.
    Instead of focusing on his virtual response to you, try to hand out with him again, that will tell more about his intentions.
    In this case, not texting much is ok.

    • Okay! Thank you so much! Since spring break is next week I'll just text him and see if he wants to hang out then

    • No problem.
      Go for it 8), if nothing happens i would consider appealing for honesty

  • Don't worry about it. I know people like that, they don't start text convos but they're always happy to talk aslong as you start tie convo


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  • Maybe he doesn't know if you view him as a friend or as a potential interest. He could be as uncertain of your intentions as you are. If you really like him that much, ask him out again.


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