@Everyone: Is it okay to keep pictures of your ex on social media?

So, here's the situation. You meet someone, you become interested of them. They have kids with someone else. This someone else (from their own words) seem like an awful person. Theyve been through hell and back. Okay, thats over, though. Broken up for the better. You then eventually add this person on their instagram and being that IG is a place where you post a lot of things of your interest where people could probably learn a few things about you, you go looking through all their pics and memes and whatever they have posted. You run into a picture of that person you're interested in, their ex and their child. What do you do? What would you think?

here's how I handled it myself. I questioned her about it. We kinda got into a bad discussion about it and it kinda ended up with us just disagreeing with eachother. I didn't accuse her of still loving him, but was just questioning why would you still have such a picture up of someone who did the things they did. I understand its a family picture that was taken 4 years ago, but being that im not that type of person to keep things like that on social media, i can't begin to understand ehy its there. Especially if youbare full over that person and would like to move on with someone else eventually. wouldn't you get rid of any pics of you and your ex? by the way, she deleted me off IG to prevent any other discussions about it. I mean, wouldn't that raise questions or concerns? I've been through bad relationship experiences and wouldn't want that to change the way i view things so im here asking a bunch of strangers your own opinions on the matter. Am i wrong? Is she wrong? Are pics just pics and have no meaning? Do you have pocs of your exes on social media?


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  • Personally I wouldn't keep pictures of my ex on social media. I might forget and leave them on though.
    If it bothered my current boyfriend I would be respectful and take them down. It doesn't matter if she doesn't think it's a big deal. It clearly matters to you, so she should respect your wishes.

    I'm not sure why she's defensive about it

    • I didn't even ask her to take them down, I just questioned why she still kept them and from there we just shared our different views on it. She was very defensive about it. I would have never adked her to take it down, I just feel like its just common sense for the other person to just do that stuff on their own. If I wanted to move on and find someone new, that person will never see a post or pocture from anyone i was once intimate with. Its just a huge turn off and dont understand whats the problem with deleting that kinda stuff. It must be some kinda memory they are clinging onto.

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  • I keep posts because I feel like it was a part of my life that I shouldn't try to pretend didn't happen. That's just me though

  • I have pics of my exs on my Facebook, it would take too long to delete that many pictures. Plus they are still memories. They don't mean that much.

    • Have you and your current attraction ever have a discussion over it? No one has ever questioned you about it. Would you question that person if they had pics with their exes all over? A picture of them two together, hugging or just being happy and close. Youd be fine?

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    • They're just pics. They don't mean that much. Plus if they were in a long relationship the pics would take too long to delete. Deleting the pics doesn't really do anything, if they still liked them they could still think about them they don't need pics to do that. Plus what if the pics had other people in like their family; I wouldn't want them to delete pics of their family.

    • Sweetie, you're only 20 years old and its very noticeable that you are kinda naive because you're speaking for your fiance. You and him are individuals, you can never speak for him on how he truly deeply feels. You dont know if he's ever looked at his ex and thought "good times". You have a a lot to learn about the harsh reality of really learning someone years later. 20 years young and already engaged? I hope you guys grew up together since kids. It takes years to learn who someone really is and how they truly feel about things and you'll still never learn that inner person because we all have secrets that we never share. So please dont speak for him, speak for what you only know and thats yourself. Thanks for your opinion though and I hope you remember this post in the future.

  • Not really normal


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