He said he was a little in love with me on the FIRST date, and we've been dating for 1 year and 3 months? urgent?

He tells me he misses me a lot now that he's working outside the country
and asked me if I missed him on valentines day. He literally said: Do you miss me on Valentines day?
Guys does this mean he likes me/has feelings for me?
Ty :)


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  • he gots a thing for you. it takes a year n 3 months of dating to find out he likes you?

    • Hahaha noo I know deep down that he likes me its just... gosh, you know how it is. Always wondering.. specially with someone you like.

    • i see bit thats a long time to take before securing sth special, yes he really likes u, he probably feels bad that he works out of ur city

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