Is this woman who works at my gym playing hard to get, playing me, or am I just delusional?

There is a personal trainer who works at the gym that I frequent. She's absolutely stunning in every way, body, face, etc! I don't mean to exaggerate, or lust, but I want an honest answer, and I feel that I need to be thorough.

For A few months now we have been doing this odd staring contest, meaning, I would look at her as I'm entering/exiting, saying hello, you know, casual glances, she would do the same. One day a mutual friend informed me that this woman has a boyfriend that he knows, and every now and then they would workout together. I have never witnessed them there together in any fashion so I just assumed that maybe they aren't together anymore based off of our "connection," either way I moved on. Weeks go by and I start to see her in the gym with the "boyfriend," no big deal, I go on about my day as if everything is good, but I notice that she is still staring at me even when she's around him. Now, the question in my head is: is this because she wants me to see her with him or does she share feelings? Once again I move on. Today she is training some random woman and I notice her but I don't look or make anything obvious, by this time I'm sort of over the rush and am moving on to the next, but I notice that she happens to bring her trainee over to the bench adjacent from my station, and as she sets up she takes her clipboard and lets it drop to the ground, hard! Like not necessarily slamming it, but hard enough to where it would cause someone to look. She starts exercising the woman. I keep doing my routine with no change but out of the corner of my eye I notice that she is staring at me as she is training the woman. Like a straight up eagle-eyed stare. ... now I confused. What's her deal? I'm doing everything to move on because I think that she's taken but she seems like there is something that she wants from me, but iono what the hell it is?

Sorry about the long one, but once again I want to be thorough!!


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What Girls Said 1

  • She just likes the ego boost from your interest in her and she hates that you're over her haha

    • Thanks for the answer! I felt as if I made the right decision today, but what is her deal with the boyfriend, is this totally just an attention thing or is she bored with the guy?

    • I don't know really but even if so she could just break it off instead of staring at guys.

What Guys Said 1

  • The gym is the worst place to hit on girls or guys because they are there to work on them selves. extremely less likely to be there for social purpose.


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