Would it be bad to text her asking if she just wants to be friends or more?

The text would be something like, "when you say you're down to hang out more... do you mean just as friends?"

I'm confused by what she has said. She texted me and said she's "down to hang out more but not looking for anything" because she doesn't plan on staying here...

It's to this girl I've been talking to for a few weeks. We've been texting pretty much everyday but we've only gone on one date. I mean she always messages me back and she's said she would like to go out to a movie and dinner again but we've both been busy with stuff so we haven't gotten together again.

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If someone asked you this, how would you feel? Like does it make you feel on the spot?
I did it, and also said that I'd like to get to know her better and go on another date, if she's up for it. She said she would like to go on another date, she used the word "date", so I'm assuming it's not as friends. If she was thinking just friends, I think she probably would've said it right then.


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  • I don't think you should since she already told you she's not searching for anything serious

    • Why did you change your profile picture lol? I almost didn't know who you were

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    • @update wow nice yep I think so good luck

    • Thanks mho😊

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  • Tough call. Doesn't hurt to ask BUT asking implies hesitation. If she's constantly texting you and wants to chill she could be after sex, and sex only. Here's what I'd do: I wouldn't question it and ask her out letting her know that it IS a date. Women like confidence and now's your time to showcase it.

    • Well I am hesitant because I don't know what she wants, and I don't want to be that guy that tries to go in for a kiss or whatever only to have her tell me she wants to be just friends at that moment... Fuckin awkward

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    • Well shit...

    • Yup. You're in. Time to celebrate.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Don't over think it. I feel she is saying, I'm cool hanging out more because I want to get to know you without a label and/or title.
    If you want to pursue her, ask her to hang out, but keep it casual.

  • Just be confident and don't overthink it... if you want more let her know

  • That's desperate

    • Okay... so you think I shouldn't do it?

    • Nooo
      I kinda wouldn't like it
      I'd feel pressured
      Just let things flow

    • Well things haven't been flowing... like I said we've only gone on one date. After the first date I told her to let me know whenever she's free to hangout... like a whole week passed and she never said anything, but we were still texting. Last week we were supposed to go out again but something came up for her and we ended up not. I don't know, I started feeling like she was trying to avoid me, so I asked her if she really wanted to hang out again and she reiterated that she's down to hang out more. I just wanna know what she's thinking

  • Ask her in person


What Guys Said 2

  • she sounds like she's down for something casual maybe just nothing serious

  • If you want to know something, ask her face to face. Text is weak. Leave the texting to light hearted stuff.

    From what you said, it sounds like she might be planning to move to a different area so she does not want anything serious.


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