Since I cannot find her online, should I PERSONALLY go seek her out?

I cannot find any trace of this girl online, other than the dating site where we met (which she disabled). I exhausted all avenues of trying to find this girl online after she disabled her account.

However, she did disclose a few pieces of information to me where I can possibly find her in person.
Should I do it? And are there any legal ramifications that can occur as a result?
Thing is, I was once arrested for stalking so I don't want to take the risk of getting arrested again. But I also want to see if she is a real person and not a catfish.


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  • "Thing is, I was once arrested for stalking so I don't want to take the risk of getting arrested again."

    Yeah... I was going to say even before getting to that line that this is stalker-ish, or at least that's how the average chick would take it. Plus, I've seen this question here before in the last couple of days and went to your history to verify. So, yeah, you have some stalker-ish characteristics.

    If she wanted to talk to you, she either wouldn't have disabled her account or she would have given you her contact info before doing so. I know when I have been on sites and didn't have much intention of continuing, if I was chatting with someone I like on them I'd send them a message letting them know I wasn't going to be on the site and gave them my info.

    I can't see you wanting to see if she's a real person bad enough to risk her freaking out and calling the police, and with girls you just never know. But there's a pretty good chance that she will be freaked out, at the least.


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  • No, just leave her alone, I'm sorry but that is kind of creepy. I'd be creeped out. The fact that you got arrested for stalking should tell you that you probably shouldn't do it again. She isn't interested or is a catfish. People do that they delete their account and maybe they will come back sometimes they don't. You really need to move on and focus on yourself before getting in a relationship realizing stalking isn't ok.

    You are putting her in an uncomfortable position. If you really like this girl you'd move on and let her be. I'm sorry to be harsh but you have to realize what you're doing isn't ok and you could have the same situation happen again.

  • Be careful and if you decide to meet her face to face make sure you meet in a public place and not at there house.

    • But if I were to find her and meet her in person, if she were to feel uncomfortable could she technically press charges against me?

    • If it has been disabled I wouldn't bother trying to meet them in person. It could possibly be a catfish.

    • That is what I want to find out. She meets my criteria of what I want in a woman.

  • Yeah... When a girl does stuff like that, she probably wants to be left alone... so... I say no... Sorry. :-(


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