Ask her out right off the bat?

I've seen a receptionist at Remax (I am known there as the young guy that bought a house😉) and my friend that works there thinks we would be a good match. I haven't actually met her and introduced myself, but my friend has told her a bit about me and then she added me on Facebook (not sure how she found me lol) and I am thinking of asking her out this weekend. I will message her in the morning to talk a bit before I ask her out, but since she added me and hasn't met me in person (or at least unknowingly met me 😂) do you think that she likes me from what she has heard? Also just ask her out for coffee? or? This probably seems like a stupid question, but this is my first date in a long time and only my 3rd ever lol


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  • She seems interested clearly or else she wouldn't go all her way to add you on facebook. No dont go for coffee thats lame aren't u the guy who just bought a house? ;p take her for a nice breakfast

    • haha good point, ok I'll look up some good breakfast places😉

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