How can I stop feeling inferior?

Even though I know I have a lot to offer and I'm a good looking guy, I tend to feel inferior when thinking about asking a beautiful girl out. I've made a lot of strides over the years, and I feel like I'm so close to being able to ask a girl out. There's a girl I'm interested in that I think might like me, so how can I build up the confidence to ask her out?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Just talk to her like you'd talk to anyone then flirt (it should come naturally from the body language);) for example! Talk about comics how you like batman ask her does she like comics then bring up there's this new batman lego movie if she wants to check it out. If not then figure out a similar way ^^ trust me if she likes you she'll be dying from excitement just because you approached her but will totally hide it. Good luck

    • Try to practice by yourself as if you're approaching her i know it sounds weird but it helps!

What Guys Said 1

  • Think about the possible outcomes: 1. You never ask for a date, and spend the rest of your life alone. 2. You ask a woman for a date and she declines. Ok, you just ask another. 3. You ask a woman for a date and she accepts.


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