Should I be worried?

I have a close male friend, who has a close female friend. I met her, and she seemed super sweet and fun, and the two of them got along really well (the hugged a lot and even held hands at times). However, he insisted they are only friends, and so did she (although it seems way more). However, I told him I liked her, and he relayed info, found out we liked each other, and he even helped me set up the dates. Went as far as lending me money (because he's rich and I was in a bad situation and couldn't afford to date).

So, I tried to date her but could never find the time. We text and talk a lot, but haven't gone on a date yet. She says she likes me and offers times, but it always conflicts with me. My friend keeps telling me the side of what's going on, telling me what she likes and so on, but at the same time, I'm jealous. He has one on one hangouts with her (movies, bowling, lunch dinner, etc.). On top of that, even though she likes me, she still hugs him and holds his hand occasionally. He tries to back off a little, but its like they are too close to back off. I want to confront him and tell him to stop, but at the same time, he's the one who helped me set it all up. Should I be worried, any ideas?

To note, I'll make jokes about them dating, and she gets mad at me. Also, she said they are just "Best Friends," but take tons of pictures together also (never one with me).


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  • You need to be more available for her if you want to be in a relationship with her. Sometimes girls can be best friends with and just as comfortable with guy friends as they are with their girl friends. It doesn't sound like anything is going on between the two of them other than friendship, but you're never going to have anything with her unless you're more available and make the effort


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  • I believe that word (like) or (love) has many parts , feeling is just part of the word , there's other important part , lets call it (mental acceptance) , and this are beyond the feeling , like accepting the lifestyle of your crush for example.
    according to what you said , you dont accept the way she treats her best friend
    you see it not normal , and she sees it as good thing
    its very hard to change your lifestyle for anyone , its just the way you see things
    and its hard to change your point of view to only accept your crush's lifestyle
    i believe that the one that is good for you , is the one that all of you accept , your heart , your body and your mind


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  • They could just be really close friends (but in my opinion I doubt it) I would bring it up to both of them, if you're dating her then they should be willing to back off


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  • honestly man they are just friends. she's offered to spend time with you but you said yourself that you are unable to set time aside for her.

    she gets mad when you joke about them dating because they aren't dating and are just friends and you clearly have a problem with that.