Girl says that she's looking to date a guy who plans to or has made a large investment, such as in real estate?

I recently started online dating and knowing how online dating works, I just started sending out a bunch of meaningless messages

I got a voice message back from a girl who actually fits what I'm looking for - Euroasian and educated.

Anyhow looked at her profile and in one part of her bio she says "my man must be 5'10" or more, educated, and must be planning on making or has made a large investment such as in real estate as it shows he has an investor's mindset. If you're not what I'm not describing, I don't think we'll work out but I'm sure there's another girl out there for you! :)"

Should I even bother replying? She screams gold digger...

By the way, she IS in my league looks wise and I am more educated than her

I should add that I don't have that much experience dating because I've never really cared about relationships


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  • She is a 100% a gold digger


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  • I just read the title and it pretty clear that if not a gold digger, then money is probably more important to her than the actual person. It up to you, but I would avoid asking talking to her.


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  • Gold digger. Stay away from her. This screams trouble.

  • now I ain't saying she's a gold digger...

    but she's a gold digger