When do you think you are ready for a new relationship?

Well hello there Ladys and Gentleman ^^

So I've been through my first brake up now, we have been together for 4 years and she already has a new guy.

It's been around half a year since we broke up and I have to admit that I still think about her on a regular basis and I kinda miss her (or maybe just the intimacy we shared) but even so I wouldn't take her back if there would be a chance to do so.

In my time being single multiple girls told me they are attracted to me and would like to be more to me than just friends but I turned them all down because I was scared that me still thinking about my ex could destroy a new relationship.

On the other Hand a new relationship could make me stop thinking about my ex but I don't want to use girls just to make me feel better.

Turning them down left me with few to no friends at all and I actually feel lonly because I don't have anyone to talk to or go out with.

So when do you think I'm ready for something new?

Should I wait till I completely stop thinking about my ex?

Should I start a new one and let it help me to forget?

I just don't know, like I said it is/was my first brake up ^^


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  • When my ex left me I thought getting with someone else would help me forget about him. It didn't and it just made me feel 100 times worse than I already did. I found that just focusing on myself gave me the strength to move on. Once I was happy just being alone, I knew then I was ready to start a new relationship. I don't think you should wait until you stop thinking about your ex completely. The chances are that you'll never stop thinking of them completely but you will eventually move on. If you feel you're ready to give your all to a new girl then go ahead and start a new relationship now. But if you still feel stuck, give it a bit more time.


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  • When you feel like it


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  • I think you should try going to some bars or trying to talk to cute girls you see at the mall or something. Once you're attracted to someone else it'll make it easier to forget about your feelings for her

  • I personally move on the next day. Sometimes I don't even wait a day. What's the point in being miserable and dwelling on the past? Best to just move on even if you're still heart broken.


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